About Clubhouses & A New Friends Page

Greetings Earthlings! Er… I mean Poptropicans. It’s me, Sporty Eel, the sportiest eel of all time, sorry for not posting, and today I’ll be reviewing some of the major updates in Poptropica in a while.

OK, first of all, when I logged into Poptropica to check these things out, it just hit me how long it has been since I last played Poptropica… Want some perspective? I still hadn’t changed out of my Poppies outfit.


Then I took time to change back to my signature outfit. Don’t judge, ok? Hey Poptropica! If you are reading this, maybe you could come up with an easier way to set a Poptropican’s skin tone! ‘Cause mine’s still not perfect. I like the skin tone to be a perfect RGB (216, 146, 16). (Just personal preference y’know? Racism = not cool)

Anyway, so the first update is, you guys probably know by now, Clubhouses! Wait a sec. I gotta do something.

Sylvester: No…

Zayn: Don’t you DARE!

Pip-ka! Pop-ka! Poptropi-ca!

It’s the Poptropi-ca Club-House!

Come inside, it’s fun inside!


Yeah ok, that was cool and if you didn’t get that, you had a wasted childhood. Now, what are the clubhouses? Basically, as they appear to me right now, they are Pop Original versions of the Worlds Houses, only with slightly fancy names. Check me out in one!


I know it’s a bit bland. I’ve just gotten around to decorating it. I will share a post tour (or maybe even a video) when I’m done. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the features.

The button on the left is a chat button containing quite a few prescripted options. Interestingly, this one has a specific structure contrary to the random question format in the Common Room Chats. While, we can’t visit other people’s clubhouses yet, the Creators said in the announcement post that they will add the feature soon.


The second button from the left is the Mood button. I couldn’t take a screenshot of that one as it would close if I tried. But basically, it shows your current mood (not magically of course, you have to choose it) just like in the Friend profile page.

The third and fourth ones are the Decorate Button and the Store. They have got a pretty substantive list of available items though it is true a lot of stuff is Members-only. My house is not really decorated right now. I’ll get on to it.


Woah, that’s a real ‘Thinker’ pose I’m making, didn’t notice that before. Anyway, there is also a button for one of those little ‘mood dances’ that you can also do in the Common Rooms at the top. So yeah, that’s pretty much it for clubhouses, Right now, they are hardly anything more than a copy of the Worlds houses but that could change. With the feature to visit other clubhouses coming soon (and thankfully too, it wouldn’t be much of a ‘clubhouse’ otherwise), we’ll just have to see. Of course, it also remains to be seen whether this feature will be available to Non-Members or not as that could be an issue if it’s not.

So that’s it for clubhouses! Allons-y!

So, for the second update, around ten or so days ago, Poptropica completely revamped the Friends page. Note the ‘revamped’ is in bold.


Let’s take a look, shall we?

First of all, the layout is now more like a social media profile, which I like. It looks much more bubbly and cheerful now. You also have an option of ‘Likes’. I’ve only got one for now. So go ahead and like my page, those of you who have me in their Friends list (wow, that sounded so old-fashioned). Thinknoodles has got a little over 140 while Slanted Fish is almost up to 50. We have got the number of Island Medallions earned but unlike before, there is no way to find out which Islands you have completed. I don’t like that. The page also provides a link to the clubhouse. There is a message wall where you can leave prescripted messages or emojis. This one is cool. The Costume Closet is also back and this one is easier to manage than the last one even though it’s the same principle. The Daily Mood feature has also returned, embossed in a cute little button at the top of the page. So far, so good.

Now, here’s where the trouble starts. The Sticker Wall and the Wallpaper are Members Only. Basically, if you are a Non-Member and you get bored with your wallpaper, there is nothing you can do. According to Lucky Joker though, there appear to be a number of options available. Also, what is supposed to be the main part of the page, the Friends section, is a total disaster. First off, it doesn’t show more than 10 friends which is really inconvenient to all of us who have more than that. Besides, there doesn’t appear to be a way to add new friends.

There is also a Photo Board which is empty. It appears that we have lost all our old photos which had when we first completed the islands. That’s not good, I loved my photos. The Photo Booth, I just learned, has disappeared so no good there either. Whatever the case, I want my photos back. Moreover, all the previous titles and records like Tribe (which is really important to me), Country, Battle Ranking and Pop-Quiz Results have vanished.

So basically, I don’t like this update. Sure, it’s fun and catchy and a lot prettier than the previous one but there is just not enough. I would like my photos and all other information cards back, thank you very much. Also, the Friends section is pretty much the whole point of the page. If that’s not better than the previous one, then people are gonna be disappointed. With the Stickers thing, we understand that Poptropica needs Memberships to stay in business (which honestly, is looking a bit grim right now), there must be a few items available for the Non-Members. You could have it like the Store, a few items for the Non-Members along with the Members.

So yeah, that’s it for this one. If it were up to me, I would switch back to the old one in a heartbeat. But if this one could provide us with all the old features along with the awesome layout…. it’s still early days.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I am making a promise to update more often, which I’m totally gonna break.

A Man Called Eel



My review of KCP ’18 – Part I

Greetings Earthlings! (See, I told you the catchphrases will return) It’s me, Sporty Eel, the sportiest eel of all time and today we’re covering something that I should have covered a looong time ago- Kingsley’s Customerpalooza 2018!

For those of you who don’t know, Kingsley’s Customerpalooza is an annual contest held by Flipline in the search of the best fan-made customer their fans can come up with. It’s one of their two huge annual contests (and one of my favourite times of the year!). More information is available here (Zeus, I sound so formal….).

Unfortunately, due to my aforementioned laziness, I just didn’t check the Flipline Blo9g for a while and when I finally did, yep, too late! Thyat’s right, I missed the biggest Flipline event of the year… which sucks because I really love planning my characters, keeping myself awake at nights over the most minute of clothing decisions, driving myself crazy imagining up all my cute li’l headcanons and crying, begging, asking for more votes than y’all probably give during election day.

OK, it kinda feels weird writing about this now considering that it started all the way back in September and ended more than a month ago… but I feel like I won’t be doing you guys full justice otherwise. So anyway, as I said, KCP ’18 ended all the way back in November, and the winner was *drumroll* Nye!!! (and creator Zetsu, congrats to both!!!)

So what’s my take on this? Read on to find out! (Oh wow, that’s just cringey… never doing that again…) So this will be in four parts (maybe five if I feel the need to establish a conclusion or something). First part we will cover the first division- Hazelnut High (pink). This will take a month or so since I will also be working on more posts… so yeah.

OK, so this year, the four divisions in the contest are named after educational institutes in the Flipverse. Maybe ’cause they are big in the Flipverse right now? Maybe all the kids in this division are/were students at these schools? Maybe Flipline is playing a cruel joke with us? Probably not the last but still, the floor is open for discussion.

(Ok, this turned out to be really long so just click below to continue reading)

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A fresh start…

Alright, I’m not beginning with the whole catchphrase trumpery this time (don’t worry, the catchphrases will return). I’m not gonna apologize either, we saw how well that turned out. So what we are gonna do, is ignore that huge two-month gap caused by my severe laziness, general no-control over my life, extreme procrastinating tendencies in all fields and my Instagram-addiction.

What this post is, is an effort to get my life back together. Since you guys have probably stopped expecting new content from me, I don’t owe this post to you. I owe it to myself to not give up on the only project I have ever undertaken by myself in my life, and for the only creation of mine that I have some pride in. I aim to restore the Times to what it was before. It is possible that this message will once again be meaningless. This may again become my sole post for the next few months after which I will come back once again scribbling apologies and promising to do better blah blah blah. However, I aim to mark this post as a fresh start. I intend to start again, to restore my love for Poptropica and I think I can do better with the whole over-dramatic, slightly inspiring monologues.

A Man Called Eel


I’m Sorry – Part I

Yeah, there’s two parts

Greetings *dodges tomatoes* Earthli- *dodges pinapple cake* -ngs *dodges croissant*! It’s me, Spo- wait. *eats croissant* Yeah, okay. It’s me, Sporty Eel, sportiest eel of all time, and here we have an apology so long that it’s actually divided into two parts.

Well, I messed up didn’t I? I was well up to three to four hundred visits a month. Now? Gonna have to work on it again.

So yeah! I haven’t posted for two months or so. Honestly? I have no real excuse. I was just lazy. Like, in August, I just took a few days off thinking Meh! I’ll come back later!. Those few days turned into a week, then a fortnight, then a month and then in September, exams started and writing took a backseat (thankfully, no more exams till January now for me). And as the days passed, I became lazier and lazier, became more than a little addicted to my phone. I thought about writing every day, but just kept procrastinating and pushing it to the next day. I’m still having problems. I’m trying to make more free time…

I’m really sorry guys. I can’t promise that this will never happen again, but yeah, I will try.

So, now, let’s see what’s been going on at Poptropica while I have been gone (there’s a separate part for Flipline).

The most important development that has occurred is, easily, Poptropica’s birthday in September.

And, man! I can’t believe that I missed Poptropica’s birthday…. Like, that’s huge. Like, wow! Even worse, another really major event happens in September on Flipline and I missed that too…. More on that later.

Aside from that, nothing really much… Realms is back, so there’s that. I don’t really have any comments on that since I never really developed any particular fondness for that feature, but it’s nice to see it back anyway. After that, a few ads and a Halloween contest, which got over. Oh, and also a Doctor Hare special event.

Oh man! You won’t believe it, but this post took me a whole week of procrastination to write…. I was planning on having Part II on the next day, but now I’m leaving for a few days to a place where the internet is really slow. Still, it’s nice to be back and hopefully, in a few days, my writing will become regular again (you might have noticed but I find my writing here a bit rusty).

It’s good to be back… Part II coming along by the 21st of October or so.

A Man Called Eel


Update: 12/8/2018

Hey guys! Yeah, no fancy greeting or anything. Just wanted to say that I wouldn’t be posting for a while. I haven’t posted for a while. I just need a break, it’s nothing else. School is getting really tough and my workload is piling. I just need to put writing aside and get my life together (they’ve been really hectic, these past few months).

I’ll try and return soon. At the latest, end of September. Thanks.

A Man Called Eel